Porthampton Visit

Visitors from Porthampton greet the community

Visitors from Porthampton greet the community

This week we were honoured to receive some guests from our twin city of Porthampton in the UK. Portswana was twinned with Porthampton almost two years ago now. This is much more than just a connection by name though. The council in Porthampton have been extremely generous in their commitment to making our relationship beneficial to both communities. Since 2011 the people have Porthampton have provided us with new and vitally important farming equipment, funding for medicines, a computer and method of accessing the internet and books and other materials for the local teacher to use in the school area.

The visitors who came where from the council but also two elder members of the Porthampton community who had helped to raise money for some of the projects. We were delighted to greet them after what must have been a very long and tiring journey from London (in all it took 46 hours!). The delegation were greeted at the community hall by village elders and the school children who sang and danced. After eating we took the visitors on a tour of the village and to outlying spots of interest and beauty before returning for a celebration supper.

We are so excited to announce that our Porthampton friends have decided to fund, and help construct, a new school house for our community. It is hoped that this will happen sometime in early 2013 and we hope that some young people will come over from Porthampton to help build it. This is excellent news for us because it is crucial that we help educate our young people so they can start to make better lives for us here.

This was an incredible visit and we think that our friends from the UK had a very good time.