The visitors are really coming.

A very quick post to say our visitors are coming from the UK this week. They are scheduled to arrive in Portswana on Saturday (arriving in Sudu on Friday). We wish them all a safe journey and look forward to seeing them all soon.

God bless you


After a storm comes calm and new life

It has been a very difficult few months here. I have decided not to dwell on what has happened, we cannot change our past, we can however affect our future. It is with this spirit of positive change that we are happy to announce that the school building project is back on.

We had message from the local governor yesterday that the government have been in discussion with our friends in England and that they are now happy that it is once again safe enough for the Portswana-Porthampton joint school project to resume. We are so happy here. It is of course always those who have least control over their destinies, like the children and very old, that suffer most in times of hardship. Our children have had to suffer in many ways recently but above all the disappointment of not having their new school, which was promised to them by us elders much earlier in the year, has been very difficult for them to deal with.  So it was with great pleasure that we gathered all of the kids together this morning, below the learning tree, and told them the good news. They were so happy. We sang, danced and prayed for the rest of the morning.

The visitors are now meant to be coming sometime in November. We are all praying that this will happen this time.

God bless you all.


Things have taken a very bad turn for the worse here. We do not want to be in the minds of those that can make things very bad for us do I will not be posting until it is safe to do so.

God bless you.

School Update – Delay!

After much excitement and preparation we are really sad to say that the project to build the school, and so the visit from our friends in Porthampton, has had to be delayed. There are still many problems here in South Sudasia, with many of our brothers and sisters in Sudu struggling with a regime which seems fixated with stirring up troubles for normal people who want only to be getting on with their lives. Until things calm down, we cannot guarantee the safety of foreign visitors and so it is for this reason we are having to postpone the build. We are sure things will calm down soon. God bless us all.

Troubles Resume

Over this last day we are sad to say that there has been a new phase of trouble in and around Portswana. The militia have been through our village since demonstrations started in Sudu early yesterday morning. There are reports of unrest in may other areas of South Sudasia. We are praying for peace and an end to troubles before our visitors arrive from the UK. Although this is not the news we want to post on our community blog, we think it is important that we provide the world with an honest picture of what is going on here. Last night was very frightening for many of us here. God bless us all.

School update – Visitors on their way

The school begins to take shape

The school begins to take shape

It has been a while since we posted anything on our blog here. The last post spoke about some of the problems we are facing as a country. While things are still very difficult we are trying to get on with life as usual in Portswana.

The one thing that we are all most exited about is the new school project. Materials have begun to arrive and we have foundations in place for the structure. Even more exciting is that we now have a new date for the visit of our volunteers from Porthampton University Geography department. They are arriving in the capital city, Sudu, on Thursday 11th July.We are expecting several students, at least one teacher and also some other officials. They will arrive, by road, at our village by around 3pm where we will have a welcome meal and small celebration (they’ll be very tired by then).

For the next 7 days they will all pitch in helping with construction of the new school building. We are so excited about this. We will be sure to post lots of pictures when we can.



These last few weeks things have been difficult around here. There have been lots of tensions in South Sudasia for about 18 months now because there are large numbers of people in the country who believe that the government are not doing best for our people. It is said that there is major corruption and particularly that our president, Wani Saaed, is living in luxury and giving land to the Chinese for large sums of money while most South Sudasian’s live in poverty. The main resistance party, The Nilo Hamidi, have been clashing with government troops and Police in cities all over the country in recent months. Last week a huge demonstration in our capital city, Sudu, ended in much loss of life. This is terribly sad. Mostly we do not see much of this violence in Portswana but earlier this week a group of government troopers came through and took away some of the young men from the village. It was a terrifying night and we are all still very shocked and concerned for their well-being. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.