PortswanaPortswana is a small rural town located in the east of South Sudasia in the heart of the East African Rift Valley. Much of the country is dominated by lush grasslands but the varied geography also includes high-altitude plateaus and escarpments, wooded and grassy savannas, floodplains, and wetlands. Portswana is situated in the protected area of Banndingio National Park and hosts the third-largest wildlife migration in the world.  Within the National Park there are large populations of topi, buffalo, elephants, giraffes, and lions while the forest reserves also provide habitats for red river hogs, forest elephants, chimpanzees, and forest monkeys.

The country as a whole is economically underdeveloped with little existing infrastructure and the highest maternal mortality and female illiteracy rates in the world.

Portswana is a community with a population of approximately 1200 people, most earning a living through livestock herding and small scale agriculture. The community shares problems with many other communities in South Sudesia which include high child mortality rates, a high incidence of HIV/AIDS and periodic famine (and associated health problems) resulting from periods of drought.

Against this background of huge problems the Portswana community is very close and strive to make life better for our people and to help to build a better future for our children. We are working with many international organisations, some of who provide much needed aid, but others who join us in partnerships to exchange knowledge and skills.

Community Centre building. A project funded by Porthampton.

Community Centre building. A project funded by Porthampton.

We are proud to have been recently twinned with the town of Porthampton in the United Kingdom and are excited to be developing some really excellent exchange and development programmes with the citizens of this town. This website is a result of this collaboration and we have to thank the good people of Porthampton for their generous support in providing us with the means to get the site live (which is no mean feat in a location which did not even have one computer beforehand, never mind access to the internet).


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