After a storm comes calm and new life

It has been a very difficult few months here. I have decided not to dwell on what has happened, we cannot change our past, we can however affect our future. It is with this spirit of positive change that we are happy to announce that the school building project is back on.

We had message from the local governor yesterday that the government have been in discussion with our friends in England and that they are now happy that it is once again safe enough for the Portswana-Porthampton joint school project to resume. We are so happy here. It is of course always those who have least control over their destinies, like the children and very old, that suffer most in times of hardship. Our children have had to suffer in many ways recently but above all the disappointment of not having their new school, which was promised to them by us elders much earlier in the year, has been very difficult for them to deal with.  So it was with great pleasure that we gathered all of the kids together this morning, below the learning tree, and told them the good news. They were so happy. We sang, danced and prayed for the rest of the morning.

The visitors are now meant to be coming sometime in November. We are all praying that this will happen this time.

God bless you all.