School update – Visitors on their way

The school begins to take shape

The school begins to take shape

It has been a while since we posted anything on our blog here. The last post spoke about some of the problems we are facing as a country. While things are still very difficult we are trying to get on with life as usual in Portswana.

The one thing that we are all most exited about is the new school project. Materials have begun to arrive and we have foundations in place for the structure. Even more exciting is that we now have a new date for the visit of our volunteers from Porthampton University Geography department. They are arriving in the capital city, Sudu, on Thursday 11th July.We are expecting several students, at least one teacher and also some other officials. They will arrive, by road, at our village by around 3pm where we will have a welcome meal and small celebration (they’ll be very tired by then).

For the next 7 days they will all pitch in helping with construction of the new school building. We are so excited about this. We will be sure to post lots of pictures when we can.



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