These last few weeks things have been difficult around here. There have been lots of tensions in South Sudasia for about 18 months now because there are large numbers of people in the country who believe that the government are not doing best for our people. It is said that there is major corruption and particularly that our president, Wani Saaed, is living in luxury and giving land to the Chinese for large sums of money while most South Sudasian’s live in poverty. The main resistance party, The Nilo Hamidi, have been clashing with government troops and Police in cities all over the country in recent months. Last week a huge demonstration in our capital city, Sudu, ended in much loss of life. This is terribly sad. Mostly we do not see much of this violence in Portswana but earlier this week a group of government troopers came through and took away some of the young men from the village. It was a terrifying night and we are all still very shocked and concerned for their well-being. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.


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